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Travel Time – Travelling in Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life; you deserve to enjoy your retirement. With the right planning and budget, you can still enjoy the joys of travel. We asked our travel writer, Kerry Moss, to tell us some of her best tips for travelling in retirement. Choose your timing One of…
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Travel Time – Singapore

Whether it’s slurping on noodles, watching the Polar Bear swim at the zoo or doing loops on the Singapore Flyer, Singapore has something for everyone. Here’s our top things to do in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Think Vegas meets luxury resort, and you’ll be half way there. Marina Bay Sands…
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Travel Time – Japan Highlights

Japan is bursting at the seams with natural beauty, enchanting culture and unique experiences. It’s the contrasts in Japan that make it so exceptional. Wandering the busy streets of Tokyo provides glimpses of an uncharted future. Surrounded by neon lights and pop culture, people watching in Tokyo takes on a…
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Travel Time – Hawaii

Greeted by your first “Aloha”, a visit to Hawaii will fill you with an undeniable spirit of Aloha – not just a warm greeting of hello or goodbye, but a way of life – to see and practice goodness in the world. A true jewel of the Pacific. The natural elements…
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Travel Time – Is Cruising For You?

Here are a few of the compelling reasons why you could consider cruising for your next holiday. Cruising offers great value Cruises offer great value, particularly because the upfront cost has so many inclusions. Most cruises include food, accommodation, daytime and evening entertainment, and transportation between destinations. Some even include…
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Travel Time – Farmers Tour to Scandinavia

The Farmers Tour to Scandinavia is surprising and offers exceptional diversity and stunning natural landscapes. The tour takes travellers through Norway, Denmark and Sweden during the northern summer and discovers why Scandinavia offers some of the world’s highest living standards. Take the chance to see livestock, cropping, dairy and forestry,…
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Tour Insights – Australia with Scott Perkins

  While for many of us, travel evokes dreams of trips to far-flung destinations, it’s worth remembering that our own backyard offers some epic travel experiences too, as well as incredible learning opportunities.
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Tour Insights – Canada with Ross Keane

Is there anywhere in the world you can dress up like a cowboy and shout “yee-haa” and not attract strange looks? The Calgary Stampede is perhaps the only place you’ll get away with it and it’s a bucket-list location that tops off one of our best-loved Canadian tours.
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Exploring Wagyu Origins and Markets – a Trade Mission to Japan

Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) in conjunction with Quadrant Australia is pleased to offer you the chance to join the Wagyu Trade Mission to Japan. Departing Australia late August, the trade mission includes not only the 2017 Wagyu Show at Sendai, but also the highlights of Tokyo, Japan’s capital, and the…
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The Vietnam Cultural Experience

If you’re after a unique cultural experience, then Vietnam fits the bill. Travellers on our Famers Tour to Vietnam in November, get the chance to visit Vietnam to experience the country’s vibrant culture, its food, history and its people. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the contrast of tranquil villages with…
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The advantages of travelling with a like minded group of people.

  The overseas Quadrant Ag Tours attract principally people who make their living off the land. They are generally all Farmers and Graziers from all over Australia and New Zealand, both big and small operations, some straight cropping or grazing, others more diversified. We seem to always have some Dairy…
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Splendid Scandinavia, a rural travellers perspective

  A trip to the far north of Europe combining the countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland provides a wonderful insight into Scandinavia. It was also interesting to end our travels with a few days in St Petersburg, Russia – a chance to explore a little of Scandinavia’s gigantic…
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Thoroughbred racing tour a top win

  Ireland and UK were prominently represented in the 2013 Melbourne Cup; their home-trained horses filling second and third placings. Those participants on the 2012 UK/France Thoroughbred Racing Tour will recall the affection and attention that we gave Red Cadeaux at his trainer’s La Grange Stables in Newmarket, England. The…
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