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Benefits of booking through Quadrant Australia



In the days of the internet and online bookings many people are asking the question, why should I use a travel agent?

Who do you call when a volcano erupts and your flight is cancelled? What do you do if your hotel has burnt down when you arrive? These are all real stories from travellers who have called their travel agent for help. Booking through a travel agent means you have someone to call to help you if things don’t go to plan.

Travel agents have access to airfares, competitive hotel rates and group tour discounts that you won’t be able to access on your own. It’s not widely known that it doesn’t cost you any extra to book through a travel agent. In fact, a good travel agent will SAVE you money.

Travel agents spend all day, every day reading, researching and booking holidays. They’re a wealth of information on destinations, airfare options, and well located hotels. They live and breathe it and if they haven’t been there, they probably know someone who has been. Being a good travel agent takes training and practice. They are professionals in their field.

Have you ever tried to apply for a Brazilian visa on your own? If your sanity survives the process, your credit card may not. Travel agents provide assistance with the tricky things like visas and currency and which travel insurance policy suits your needs.

How do you know which airline flies to where and at what time?  Instead of needing to visit 5 different websites to check all the flight options, travel agents are a one stop shop with loads of choices at their fingertips.  They use tools that are not available to the general public

Professional travel agents meet strict industry guidelines which means you have the security of knowing where your money is going and talking to the person that you’re paying it to. No need to put your credit card on line and risk security concerns.

Some websites claim to be a one-stop shop but truthfully they only represent the airlines and hotels that partner with them. A professional travel agent will fairly represent a large range of options without prejudice or bias.

If you’re one of those people who like to be involved with the planning and booking then work with your travel agent. You can you can do as little or as much of the research as you want to.  Professional travel agents want to work with you, it’s a partnership where you work together to create your dream holiday.

We’ve all heard it but do we practice it… Shopping local, keeps the jobs local and helps support local business.

Quadrant Australia are travel specialists offering friendly and professional service to help you plan and book your next holiday. The team have over 50 years of experience in the travel industry. Between them they have travelled to more than 60 countries and they never stop searching for the perfect solution.


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