Explore Western Australia in Spring

Spring is a glorious time to travel, but perhaps nowhere in Australia is the season as lovely to experience than on the country’s West Coast, with thousands of wildflowers, calm days and moderate temperatures.

Besides its wealth of sightseeing opportunities, vast landscapes and magnificent national parks, Western Australia is the nation’s largest grain-producing region. Add to this, the state’s role as a major producer of Australian livestock, dairy, wool and horticulture and you have all the ingredients for a fun and enlightening holiday with Quadrant.


The Capital City: Perth

Quadrant Australia WA Spring Farming- Kings Park Perth

Perth is the launching point for the tour with the state’s capital home to Kings Park, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world and stop number one on the journey. Overlooking the city and the waters of the Swan River, the park covers an area of over 400 hectares of manicured gardens as well as untamed bushland. The city’s main waterway, the Swan River, touches many of the city’s neighbourhoods on its way to the Indian Ocean and to take in the key sights and all of its history, guests will jump on board for an afternoon cruise downstream.

From here, the tour heads north toward Cervantes, stopping en-route at a world-renowned grain receival complex. After learning all about the wonderful world of grain, guests are taken to Nambung National Park for a completely unique experience. Within the National Park are the Pinnacles, a collection of thousands of limestone formations. Created millions of years ago from

the natural forces of water and wind, the lunar like structures form one of the country’s most fascinating natural landscapes.

Rock Lobsters

Quadrant Australia WA Spring FarmingAside from this mind-blowing landmark, what the west does best is coastal scenery and after an overnight stop in the small fishing village

of Cervantes the tour heads further north to Geraldton and the town’s fishermen’s co-operative, the largest processor and exporter of rock lobsters in the world.

A tour of the 90-tonne capacity plant gives guests a remarkable insight behind the scenes of this multi-million dollar industry and explains why the waters of the Indian Ocean have become a haven for this delicacy.


Spring Wildflowers & Parks

Quadrant Australia WA Spring Farming

A little-known fact about Western Australia, is that it’s home to the largest variety of wildflowers in the world, more than 12 thousand species, many of which can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

Through spring, these wildflowers burst into bloom across the region and the tour makes a special stop at the Tarin Rock Wildflower Reserve to appreciate them in all their beauty.

WA is home to some of Australia’s most picturesque national parks and Kalbarri’s would have to be right up the top of that list. Best of all, many of its highlights are easy to access, with the iconic ‘Nature’s Window’ a gentle 500 metre walk from one of the main carparks.

Wheatbelt & Cropping

Quadrant Australia WA Spring Farming

From Kalbarri, the tour covers more of the northern and central wheatbelt and its cropping and sheep enterprises. As well, the history of the area is explored at many stops along the way including the Albert Facey Homestead. Plus, we enjoy a farm stay and taste of Cambinata Yabbies.

From here, the beauty of the south west has its chance to shine with a memorable lunch at West Cape Howe winery and a two-night stay at Albany, the state’s first settlement and former whaling station.

The tour is a wonderful mix of coastal and inland, with a short detour off the main travel route to discover the Valley of The Giants; an internationally recognised nature-based tourism attraction, that gives a birds-eye view of some of the biggest timber giants on earth.


Margaret River

Quadrant Australia WA Spring Farming

Good food and good wine are part and parcel of travel in this region and nowhere will you appreciate that more than

around Margaret River. Of course, there’s free time to explore at leisure but there’s also visits to a deer farm and the very popular chocolate factory.

Named Lonely Planet’s best destination in the Asia-Pacific for 2019, Margaret River and the south-west region of WA is just one of countless highlights on this much anticipated tour.


Join us on this special tour of Western Australia and all it has to offer. Departing in September 2020.

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