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Travel Time – Farmers Tour to Scandinavia


The Farmers Tour to Scandinavia is surprising and offers exceptional diversity and stunning natural landscapes. The tour takes travellers through Norway, Denmark and Sweden during the northern summer and discovers why Scandinavia offers some of the world’s highest living standards.

Take the chance to see livestock, cropping, dairy and forestry, view scenic coastlines and countryside, idyllic islands, fjords and forested mountains. The itinerary visits the vibrant cities of Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, where travellers can see stunning architecture and sophisticated design, whilst immersing in Scandinavia’s fascinating Viking and shipping heritage.

This tour includes an optional extension to Finland, with the contrast of its forward thinking cities and breathtaking unspoilt forests.

With more than 30 years experience in special interest touring, Quadrant Australia are leaders in their field. They have built up a network of colleagues around the world and offer tours to more than 20 destinations, including Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, USA, Canada and throughout Australia.

Kerry Moss
Travel Time – Coffs Focus Magazine


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