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Travel Time – Hawaii


Greeted by your first “Aloha”, a visit to Hawaii will fill you with an undeniable spirit of Aloha – not just a warm greeting of hello or goodbye, but a way of life – to see and practice goodness in the world.

A true jewel of the Pacific. The natural elements of this destination, as well as culturally significant experiences, provide visitors lasting memories.

With their own distinct personality, Hawaii has six major islands:
Kauai – known as the “Garden Isle”, where emerald valleys and alluring dramatic beauty await.
Molokai – home to some of the highest sea cliffs in the world, breathtaking natural beauty, and the population’s love of the land and their preservation of their rural lifestyle.
Lanai – find both serenity and adventure on this island, with secluded resorts and rugged off the beaten path back roads awaiting 4WD adventurists.
Maui – “The Valley Isle”, with world famous beaches and lush rainforests.
Hawaii – “The Big Island”, with four different climate zones from wet tropical to polar. Find nature at its best – molten-flowing Hawaii Volcanos National Park to snow-capped peaks.
Oahu – home to the state capital, Honolulu, the island of Oahu is a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional Hawaii. Perhaps the most popular island to visit, due to its accessibility and its iconic attractions. 

A visit to Oahu provides an experience which combines natural beauty and a vibrant, world-scale international city. Imagine absorbing the spectacular view from a high-rise accommodation option, towering above the aquamarine ocean, with Diamond Head as its perfect backdrop. From an ocean front balcony, perhaps see sun-lovers on the beach below. Share their bucket list ticking experience, watching them learn to surf, or just floating their cares away on a fluorescently-coloured blow-up lilo – just freshly purchased at the nearby convenience store. 

Waikiki Beach is steps away from the heart of the shopping, dining and entertainment district, and staying in this location is the perfect base to explore the highlights of the island. Hire a car or join an escorted tour group to immerse yourself in the sights which make this island so captivating and popular for holiday-makers. Visit the National Historic Landmark of Pearl Harbour, a site honouring the events of December 7, 1941 which changed the course of history and offers a new perspective on World War II. The North Shore is approximately an hour’s drive from Waikiki. Passing pineapple plantations along the way, the legendary location for surfers awaits. Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay – all laid-back locations that feel like a world away from the excitement of Waikiki. Food trucks dotted along the roadside make for an authentic lunch, then cool off with the local treat of a shave ice.

Gathering and sharing a meal is an important cultural tradition in Hawaii, so no visit would be complete without celebrating your own special occasion and joining a luau. It’s a feast combining traditional Hawaiian dishes with colourful and lively cultural performances.


A few travel tips:

  • Approximately a 10-hour flight from East Coast Australia; it’s tropically located close to the Equator.
  • Hawaii has an average temperature of 24 – 29 degrees Celsius, so anytime is a good time to visit Hawaii. Conditions can differ at various elevations, however, as the islands have a collection of micro-environments.
  • United States Dollar (USD $) is the currency of the state of Hawaii and U.S standards for tipping apply. The guidelines are 15 – 20% on meals, at least $1 per bag for porters and at least $1 – $2 per night for housekeeping

Experience wonderful Hawaii for yourself. Contact your local travel specialist for the most up-to-date deals, travel advice and booking arrangements.


Kerry Moss
Travel Time – Coffs Focus Magazine


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