Ann-Louise Scarlett

Ann-Louise was born and raised in Newcastle New South Wales, and it’s also where her career in the travel industry and the love of travel began.

It’s through her learning at school that inspired her on a journey to visit the world for herself and begin a life-long career in the industry. Every day through her work, provides this wonderful opportunity of learning again and being enriched by its sights and cultures.

Since the early 90’s, she has worked in various sectors of the industry. As a travel agent, and more predominantly, in wholesale travel at Qantas Holidays in Sydney. Most of her career was spent at Qantas Holidays in various departments including reservations sales for customers travelling overseas, and international visitors coming to Australia. As well as face-to-face and telephone sales, she has also worked extensively behind the scenes in product development and marketing.

Ann-Louise and her husband heard the call of a sea-change when their beautiful children came along, and therefore moved from Sydney to Coffs Harbour where they now call home. There is nothing more rewarding for Ann-Louise than to share the love of travelling with her family, and her community.