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Empowering future agricultural leaders

With tailored travel experiences focused on best practices, innovation, and networking.

A man and woman kneeling in a field with a tractor, examining crops in a fertile field.

NextGen AgTours Vision

NextGen AgTours empowers future agricultural leaders with tailored travel experiences, emphasising best practices, innovation, and networking opportunities.

We offer employers, educational institutions, and agricultural foundations a unique value proposition for their team members or award recipients, setting them apart from competitors.

A cluster of ripe grapes hanging on a vine, ready to be harvested.
People in lab attire and gloves examining lettuce growing under artificial light and advanced technology.

Who are NextGen AgTours?

NextGen AgTours are travel experiences designed for young individuals aged 18-40 who seek exposure to best practices, agricultural innovation, and networking and educational opportunities within the agricultural community.

Through curated AgTours, participants have the chance to gain insights from industry leaders, establish connections with peers and mentors, and be exposed to innovative perspectives, contributing to building a future in agriculture.

NextGen AgTours are backed by Quadrant AgTours, Australia’s leading Agricultural Travel Specialist, with over 30 years of experience and connections in more than 70 countries worldwide.

How to be involved?

  • Travel with like-minded individuals on international agriculturally focused AgTours.
  • Contribute to the tour’s experience by hosting short educational discussions or technical visits.
  • Enhance students’ educational experiences by collaborating on a customised group departure.
  • Sponsor a place on a NextGen AgTour for your business or foundation, either as a one-off or an annual commitment.
Solar panels on a farm, harnessing renewable energy in the middle of a vast field.
A scenic vineyard field with neat rows of vines stretching into the distance.

Who is NextGen AgTours suited to?

  • Young People (generally 18-40) interested in, studying, or employed in the Agricultural Industry, aiming to network, be exposed to innovation and best practices, and enhance their appeal to future employers.
  • Universities with Agricultural Programs, offering students the chance to combine agricultural studies with extracurricular opportunities, self-funding their participation while representing their educational institute.
  • Agribusinesses, providing a unique professional development opportunity to future or current employees, distinguishing themselves as employers of choice in the agricultural industry and reducing staff turnover.
  • Foundations and Scholarships, granting recipients the opportunity to develop knowledge, and connections in the Ag Industry, while promoting innovative practices and fostering a future in agriculture, contributing to succession planning and the industry’s future.

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