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Tour Escorts

What sets Quadrant tours apart is the quality of our tour escorts and hosts. They hail from diverse backgrounds with years of experience and generally have specialist knowledge of their particular subjects.

Many Quadrant tour leaders and hosts have international links and hold key positions in industry organisations which means they often provide exclusive access to private visits and have been known to open doors previously inaccessible to others.

Through their professional knowledge and experience, they help you to get the most out of your tour and provide you with opportunities to relate what you learn on tour to your own business or interest area. We believe they really do enhance the value of your travel experiences.

On a Quadrant tour you get the best of both worlds – professional English-speaking local guides plus expert tour escorts – handpicked by Quadrant to escort you on your journey.

Tour Escorts

Quadrant Australia Colin Beckett

Colin Beckett

A graduate of Marcus Oldham, Colin initially worked for a seed company in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. He then managed cattle properties

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Bryan Johnston

Bryan has over 36 years’ experience in agriculture and public and private sector organisation management. Bryan worked with NSW Agriculture as a Beef Cattle Advisory Officer and in 1997 he was appointed General Manager of the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society. Bryan currently works as a cattle and beef management consultant and is a director of Quadrant Australia.

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Quadrant Australia Ross Keane

Ross Keane

Ross Keane has led agricultural tours to most continents of the world. As a former Director of JBS and former Chairman of RMAC, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Red Meat and Livestock Industries particularly, but agriculture generally. His insight into agriculture in foreign countries and how it may affect the Australian Industry are well worth hearing.

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Pete Lewis

Pete Lewis is a director of Rural & Rugby Tours and Brisbane-based consultancy Way With Words after a 35 year career in broadcast journalism. He’s a former National, Rural and Regional Reporter for ABC News and Current Affairs, foreign correspondent and Executive Producer of  ABC-TV’s Landline program.

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Mark Lucas - Quadrant Australia Tour Escort

Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas, the principal of Pasture Agronomy Service, is a highly-regarded agronomist/consultant based in Tumut NSW. He is widely accepted as an innovator and largely responsible for the adoption of pasture direct drilling and tetraploid ryegrass in southern NSW and Victoria.

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Ron Paynter

Former managing partner of a family-owned dairy, Ron transitioned from teaching to farm management, contributing significantly to the dairy industry. With roles in advisory groups, governance, and industry mentorship, he continues his impact post the sale of the family business in 2019 and is a Tour Manager at Quadrant Australia.

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Quadrant Australia KERRY

Kerry Moss

Kerry is Quadrant’s Outbound Operations Manager. She grew up in the New England area in NSW and later travelled extensively to five continents and more than 45 countries before commencing work with Quadrant Australia.

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Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins lives in Darwin and loves outback Australia. He grew up on a sheep property near Winton in Queensland and in Townsville.

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Dale Plumb

Dale is one of Australia’s leading producers, trainers and riders winning at all major Royal Shows and has numerous National Titles to his credit. Witty and wise with an excellent sense of humour, Dale will offer participants a fun filled equine experience of a lifetime.

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Kerry Lonergan

Kerry Lonergan grew up in the Hunter Valley and has worked on various sheep, dairy and cattle properties. A long career in journalism led to him starting Landline in 1991 and he remains on the programme as its commodity specialist.

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Kees Van Haasteren

Kees is from the Netherlands and began his working career with the Curacao Trading Company in Amsterdam before emigrating to Australia. He immediately became involved in agriculture, ultimately managing a large mixed property in NSW.

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