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Welcome back Down Under!

Red Centre 2022 Tour - Uluru

We are excited to be re-opening our international borders and we have been preparing for your arrival.

More than 95% of our eligible population are fully vaccinated. This is one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, making Australia a very safe travel destination. Australians are so keen to get back to doing the things we love and welcoming the international visitors that we have grown to value.

The Australian agricultural sector is currently experiencing a remarkable combination of events. The continuation of widespread favourable seasonal conditions and high commodity prices – much better than forecast – are providing farmers with a unique environment. Another near-record harvest has been forecast, which has contributed towards continued optimism in the red meat industry, leading to record prices being paid for young cattle by both restocking graziers and processors. The value of Australian agricultural exports is forecast to be a record, increasing by 12%, with growth forecast for most of Australia’s major export commodities.

Our high COVID-19 vaccination status and the truly favourable conditions being seen by our agricultural sector are setting us up as an amazing destination for your inbound ag groups.
It’s been quiet “Down Under” with no international visitors but the Quadrant team, have been working hard developing some exciting new Australian set departure date tours. We now have more than 15 tours to choose from for FIT travellers. If you have FIT clients that are looking to join an interesting Australian agricultural tour, then take a look at our 2022 calendar here

We have a tour in every Australian state and territory, providing unique opportunities to meet with local farmers and see the amazing beauty and diversity of our unique country.
If you have been thinking about a tour to Australia – we can offer you access to some remarkable and exceptional locations – way off the beaten track. Reach out to us, we would love to share our
ideas with you. We can create custom itineraries to cater for your groups needs and we have industry contacts in all states of Australia.

Quadrant Australia has more than 30 years’ experience and is the market leader in agricultural touring in Australia. We pride ourselves on our authentic experiences and knowledgeable team and
we look forward to welcoming you the Australian way.

We hope to see you soon
The team at Quadrant Australia

P.S If you have forgotten what we look like, you can find us here


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