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The advantages of travelling with a like minded group of people.



The overseas Quadrant Ag Tours attract principally people who make their living off the land. They are generally all Farmers and Graziers from all over Australia and New Zealand, both big and small operations, some straight cropping or grazing, others more diversified. We seem to always have some Dairy Farmers, Woolgrowers, Fat Lamb Producers, Beef Cattle breeders and fatteners, Grain growers, and also people with more intensive operations. But the overall common thread amongst them all is the rural life they lead, at the risk of markets and seasonality.

This enhances the variety of visits on a Quadrant Ag-Tour, as we nearly always have fellow travelers who can really get into the detail with our hosts. They can then share this valuable insight with their fellow passengers about how, where and why this particular operation compares to the same agricultural enterprise in our part of the world.

Many people share their own experiences at home with each other, so they can learn from not only the visits of Quadrant Hosts, but each other as well. Farmers and Graziers seem happy to share their experiences, both good and bad with each other, and this is very enjoyable to observe. On many tours, we see people who have never met before, establishing continual contact with each other, and thereby establishing a new group of friends.  Our travelers are given the opportunity to share each other’s contact details, and we find that these life long friendships stand the test of time. It’s common for people to travel together again on another Quadrant Tour.

This year, Ross will be leading our Farmers Tour to Japan departing in May. If you’d like to hear more about this tour or how Quadrant AgTours would suit you, give our friendly team a call.



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