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Calgary Stampede & The Canadian Rockies: Tradition meets Adventure

The Calgary Stampede and Canadian Rockies

In a fusion of tradition and adventure, Quadrant Australia announces its “Calgary Stampede and Farming in the Canadian Rockies Tour 2025.” This captivating journey promises a firsthand experience of the world-renowned Calgary Stampede coupled with an exploration of the rich farming and agricultural industry in Alberta, the picturesque Canadian Rockies and Vancouver.

The Calgary Stampede: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

The tour offers an unparalleled opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Alberta, Canada. The Calgary Stampede, often hailed as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” serves as the centrepiece of this extraordinary adventure.

Renowned for its electrifying rodeo events, dazzling parades, and lively entertainment, the Stampede epitomises the spirit of the Wild West, captivating millions of visitors from around the globe each year. The spectacle of the Grandstand Show, plus the agricultural and farming industry events promises to leave guests with wonderful memories and insights.

Exploring Agriculture: Farms in the Canadian Rockies

However, the experience extends far beyond the boundaries of the Stampede grounds. Quadrant Australia ensures an authentic encounter with rural life through its exploration of farming communities nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Canadian Rockies. Participants will have the opportunity to visit various agricultural enterprises, gaining insights into the agricultural practices that sustain these picturesque regions.

Highlights include visits to Pentagon Farm Equipment and Gull Lake Honey/Bison Farm, where guests can enjoy a “bison safari” and witness honey extraction processes. The tour also includes a visit to a hay processing plant, showcasing the journey of locally sourced hay from dehydration to worldwide distribution.

Natural Splendour: Exploring Banff and Jasper National Parks

The itinerary also includes opportunities for exploration and relaxation amidst the stunning natural beauty of Banff and Jasper National Parks. Participants can marvel at the natural beauty and spot wildlife against the backdrop of majestic mountain peaks.

Exploring Victoria and Vancouver: Highlights of the West Coast

In Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, guests will explore the breathtaking Butchart Gardens and enjoy lunch at the Blue Poppy Restaurant. The journey continues on, venturing north to Duncan to visit the BC Forest Discovery Centre, followed by a stop in Chemainus to admire its renowned murals. A scenic ferry ride across the Georgian Strait to Vancouver, to explore the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain, and Granville Island.

With a carefully curated blend of excitement and serenity, the “Calgary Stampede and Farming in the Canadian Rockies Tour 2025” promises an unforgettable journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Canadian farming and natural beauty. For guests seeking an immersive and enriching agricultural experience, this tour offers the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and breathtaking scenery.

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