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Explore the Land of the Rising Sun

Rows of fresh green tea with Mount Fuji

Japan has long fascinated the rest of the world. It is a nation that often leaves first-time visitors wanting more. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a country with a multifaceted cultural offering from its rich, ancient traditions to its modern and innovative ways. A place where pop culture thrives whilst centuries old architecture, art, crafts and practises remain.

Japan is known and loved for its great diversity from the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo to the elegance of Kyoto, a city considered the cultural and historical heart of Japan. Wander through the streets of Kyoto for a sense of ancient Japan as you explore temples, shrines, palaces, see traditional wooden houses and observe glorious gardens. This tour offers guests the chance to get to know both of these amazing cities.

Japan is an island nation of pristine natural scenery, incredible food, bold and brilliant technological advances, diverse agricultural and horticultural offerings and much much more. It is a place of wonderful contrasts and springtime is the perfect time to visit.

This 17-day escorted tour that starts and ends in Tokyo in late May presents a broad range of experiences and there is genuinely something for everyone.

Market Magic

Great markets are a feast for the senses and this trip offers guests terrific insight into Tokyo’s colourful wholesale fish, flower, fruit and vegetable markets. The tour includes time at the well-renowned Tsukiji Fish Market as well as a visit to the country’s largest (albeit lesser known) wholesale market for flowers and vegetables. Ota Market is spread across over 100,00 square metres and boasts flower, fruit, vegetable and seafood stalls. Ota Market is also home to countless restaurants where visitors can partake in food made from the freshest of ingredients.

For Nature Lovers

As a predominantly mountainous country, there’s beauty galore to appreciate in any visit to Japan. And stunning sights can be enjoyed in style such as cruising Lake Ashi as you soak up Mt Fuji views in the background. Later in the tour, guests spend time sightseeing in the Matsushima Bay region. This spot offers breathtaking views over the hundreds of pine clad islets scattered throughout the bay. A morning boat cruise is the opportune way to explore the area.

And be sure to have the camera ready to photograph the much-loved snow monkeys of Jigokudani. Watch troops of wild Japanese macaques as they bathe in the thermal springs. No other non-human primate lives further north (or in a colder climate) than these captivating snow monkeys. Observe these intelligent creatures, native to Japan, that have long captured the attention of researchers and photographers alike.

Agricultural Highlights

As specialists in the field, no Quadrant tour would be complete without the chance to experience some fascinating agricultural and horticultural enterprises. Our Japan tour includes everything from beef to green tea and wasabi and noodles! Quadrant guests will enjoy exclusive farm visits.

There’s the opportunity to chat with a local Wagyu cattle farmer, visit an urban property specialising in cucumbers and soybeans as well as the chance to learn more about hydroponic tomato production. Guests on this wonderful tour will also gain insight into Enoki mushroom and asparagus farming, visit a wasabi farm and a green tea plantation. And to top off the agricultural learnings, one farm visit wraps up with a soba noodle making workshop!

Historical Landmarks

Matsumoto Castle is a grand structure of the late 16th century. It’s also the oldest surviving castle tower in Japan. With its striking black exterior, it’s often referred to as ‘Crow Castle.’ With the Northern Alps as the backdrop, this building of wood and stone and impressive turrets that stands five storeys tall, sure is a beauty. Matsumoto is one of only two castles of this size in Japan and one if only 12 castles still in existence in Japan.

A full day is spent in Hiroshima with a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park which is dedicated to documenting and understanding the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in World War II. Whilst a sombre experience, it is also described as ‘compelling’ and ‘moving’. The Park is home to The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, also known as the Genbaku Dome. This was the only structure that remained standing in the area around the bombing and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

What Makes this Trip Unique?

  • This 17-day Japan trip offers a fantastic and diverse range of experiences for guests.
  • There are multiple inclusions in the cost such as meals, accommodation, tour guide, sightseeing and agricultural visits.
  • You’ll travel with interesting and likeminded people and enjoy exclusive access to farms not usually open to the general public.
  • For a more personalised and memorable trip, this tour is hosted by a professional and knowledgeable guide.
  • This trip may result in possible tax benefits for primary producers.

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