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Thoroughbred racing tour a top win

  Ireland and UK were prominently represented in the 2013 Melbourne Cup; their home-trained horses filling second and third placings. Those participants on the 2012 UK/France Thoroughbred Racing Tour will recall the affection and attention that we gave Red Cadeaux at his trainer’s La Grange Stables in Newmarket, England. The…
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The best of South African Agriculture, Wildlife and Scenery

South African agriculture is rich in diversity thanks to its climate and range of environments. Whether it be the vast open fields of maize in the centre of the country to irrigated dairy and strawberry farms in the south, there is certainly a variety of ecosystems and agricultural enterprises to…
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Experience Agriculture in Ireland & the UK

  Ireland and UK have some of the laziest sheep in the world. In fact the Quadrant tour group were starting to wonder if they were born legless. Irrespective of breed, days seem to consist of: open eyes reluctantly, stretch neck out just far enough, bite off a few mouthfuls…
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Beef up your travel to the USA including the Calgary Stampede

  Quadrant Australia’s USA Beef Tour is one of the most popular this company runs. The tour travels through the US States of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska as well as North and South Dakota, before going into Alberta Canada for the Calgary Stampede.
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Unforgettable Eastern & Western Canada

Eastern Canada is known for its spectacular natural beauty and rich farm land, which makes it a perfect destination for the Quadrant agricultural group visiting in June this year when the snow has melted, the weather is beautiful and views are spectacular!
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