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Top 5 agricultural wonders on the Channel Country Cattle Tour

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Embarking on the Channel Country Cattle Tour in outback Queensland not only promises breathtaking landscapes and cultural encounters but also offers a unique insight into the region’s rich agricultural heritage. Here’s our pick of the top 5 agricultural experiences on this remarkable journey:

1. Winton’s farming legacy

Winton, recognised as the birthplace of Qantas and the inspiration for Banjo Patterson’s “Jolly Swagman”, unfolds its agricultural heritage. Explore the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and dive into the region’s farming roots through guided tours. Gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between palaeontology and agriculture, making it a unique and informative experience.

2. Bedourie’s Cattle Country exploration

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Outback’s cattle country with a visit to Bedourie. Roam through one of the first structures erected in the early 1880s, known as the “Mud Hut.” Explore Lake Machattie, a testament to the significance of water in agriculture, and engage with local cattle stations. This experience provides insights into the resilience and practices of the region’s pastoral industry.

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3. Davenport Downs – a cattle fattening marvel

Travel to Bedourie for a visit to Paraway Pastoral Co’s Davenport Downs, the largest cattle station in Queensland. Uncover the intricacies of this 1.5-million-hectare bullock fattening operation, showcasing the fusion of Mitchell grass, channel country, and the strategic use of waterways during the wet season. This agricultural marvel highlights sustainable practices in a challenging environment.

4. Tanbar Station – Cooper Creek’s cattle growing hub

Explore Tanbar Station, owned by Paraway Pastoral Company, and witness large-scale cattle growing operation on the Cooper Creek. Discover how this 1-million-hectare station utilises natural irrigation systems provided by the Cooper Creek, contributing to pasture production and sustainable cattle growth. Gain insights into the harmonious relationship between agriculture and the environment.

5. Isis Downs – a consolidated pastoral company gem

As you travel from Isisford to Longreach, make a stop at Consolidated Pastoral Company’s (CPC’s) Isis Downs. Delve into the history and operations of this 246,057ha aggregation, showcasing the capacity to run 21,000 cattle in favourable seasons. Witness the intricate balance of breeding, feeding, and finishing, providing a glimpse into the dynamic world of pastoral farming.

Whether you’re captivated by agriculture, intrigued by the farming legacy, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of rural life, the Channel Country Cattle tour offers a collection of agricultural experiences that seamlessly weave together the past, present, and future of Queensland’s farming heritage.

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